One of the best ways to maximize your membership return on investment with ABC is through involvement.  Stay active and informed about the pulse of the organization through participation in a committee.  Our roster of opportunities is constructed to provide something for everyone. The varied interests and priorities of our members are important to us.  We want to stay current with our programming and business development opportunities. In order to meet your needs, we need your input.

Joining a committee is simple!  Just contact the ABC staff for information about meeting schedules and we will put you in contact with the chairperson for your chosen committee. 

Future Leaders Taskforce 

Mentor and educate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. This group consists of construction professionals ranging from their early 20's to 40's. The Future Leaders Task Force meets on a monthly basis at the ABC office for hourly sessions. They also liase with the ABC UTSA Student Chapter and host mixers on a regular basis to introduce new members and network.

If you are a young construction professional and would be interested in finding out more about the Future Leaders taskforce contact us today!

The Future Leaders are on facebook

Gala Committee 

Play an integral role in one of the most high profile events in the South Texas construction industry.  The Excellence in Construction Awards Banquet provides a platform to recognize and honor our chapter's outstanding talent and volunteer committment in a black tie formal setting.

The Gala committee meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in the two months preceding the Awards banquet and judging process for one hour planning sessions.

Golf Committee 
If you are a golf enthusiast you will really enjoy this group. Members help to organize our  spring & fall golf tournaments and select venues that will generate entertainment and networking opportunities for our members. 

This committee meets weekly or bi-weekly for one hour planning sessions in the weeks preceding each tournament.  If you are interested in golf or in becoming part of some of our best networking opportunities then this is the committee for you.

Government Affairs Committee 

Establish lines of communication and relationships between ABC - South Texas Chapter and the various local, state, and national elected officials to discuss issues of interest and concern to the construction industry; work with other business organizations to address issues of common interest; seek to have individuals supportive of ABC´s philosophy elected or appointed to office, boards or commissions. Review local legislation, rules, regulations, ordinances, and/or measures, and recommend chapter position and/or recommended amendments/changes for the board´s consideration; draft legislation addressing issues or needs of the construction industry, serve as a chapter resource on legislative and regulatory matters. 

Information on upcoming monthly meetings can be obtained by contacting Steve Schultz, Chapter President, ABC - South Texas Chapter. 


Green Building Council 

Develop workshops to teach awareness, understanding and implementation of green building principles and the LEED Rating Systems. Information on upcoming meetings can be obtained by contacting Hal Heintz, Director of Workforce Development.

Safety & Health Committee

Equip members with the necessary education and training to help them perform their work safely, efficiently, productively, and cost effectively, and host monthly luncheons to provide the members with important information on specific safety topics. Information on upcoming meetings can be obtained by contacting Hal Heintz, Director of Workforce Development.

Business Development Committee

Develop events, as well as come up with venues and themes that will generate information, entertainment and networking opportunities for our members. 

Sportsmans Committee
Craft the annual Sporting Clay Shoot, and Barbecue Cook-off.  This event is an ABC - South Texas tradition and always proves to be a great time.  This committee meets as needed for one hour planning sessions in the two months prior to the event.

Workforce Development Committee

Provide the necessary construction related education courses, designed to create a skilled and productive workforce for a career in construction, from entry level through upper management. Information on upcoming meetings can be obtained by contacting Robert L. Jett, Comptroller, ABC - South Texas Chapter.

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