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Total Program Registration Fees without Electives

The ABC South Texas Chapter is now offering Construction Industry proven and selected, NCCER modules. Whether you have a new Assistant Superintendent Superintendent, Assistant Project Managers, Project Engineers or recently promoted supervisors that want or need to brush up on skills, we have the curriculum to meet those needs. The classes will take place one night per week through the entire second college semester. This in depth program is all inclusive in that each student, once enrolled will get every module listed in the outline:

Current Program Started Jan 9, 2017 with Human Relations and Problem Solving

Phase II: Project Supervision
(Phase I is offered to year IV Apprentices and can be setup upon request)

Module Title: Human Relations & Problem Solving
Recommended Hours: 20 - Focuses on the communication process and developing effective communication and leadership skills. Compares problem solving to decision making. Discusses potential human relations difficulties and how to resolve them.

Module Title: Interpersonal Skills
Recommended Hours: 12.5 - Discusses the values and expectations of the workforce, building relationships, and satisfying stakeholders. Describes the principles of effective communication, applying the management grid, and using relationship skills to create a leadership environment. Also discusses behavioral interviewing and professional development of personnel.

Module Title: Document Control & Estimating
Recommended Hours: 10 - Provides An introduction to using and maintaining document control. Defines the elements of material, labor, and equipment estimates and how to develop, organize, and look for errors in an estimate.

Module Title: Resource Control and Cost Awareness
Recommended Hours: 15 - Explains how to measure job-site productivity and how to increase it. Discusses resources, materials, tools, equipment, labor, quality, and cost and resource control. Introduces cost awareness and types of reports.
Total Hours: 57.5

Phase III: Project Management

Module Title: Estimating and Cost Control
Recommended Hours: 15 - Emphasizes the importance of accurate estimating and summarizes the estimating process and the steps in developing an estimate. Defines the purpose of a cost control methodology, explains how to perform simple cost analysis, and covers the project manager’s role in controlling cost and tracking rework cost.

Module Title: Construction Planning
Recommended Hours: 10 - Discusses the importance of formal job planning and creating a performance-based work environment. Discusses the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) as the foundation that identifies deliverables, tasks, and time. Introduces the basics of quality control and defines the roles and responsibilities of an effective team and how to allocate resources.

Module Title: Scheduling
Recommended Hours: 15 - Explains the basics of scheduling from simple to-do lists through bar charts, network diagrams, and methods of managing resources. Discusses the importance of formal schedules, job planning, and establishing priorities. Describes alternative scheduling methods.

Module Title: Quality Control and Assurance
Recommended Hours: 5 - Defines quality control and quality assurance, and stresses management’s concerns about quality. Explains project quality management and how to develop an effective quality control plan. Discusses how to identify, assess, and measure weaknesses to avoid rework.
Total Hours: 45

Optional Individual Classes (electives): Scheduled with the ABC Office

Module Title: *Issues and Resolutions
Recommended Hours: 15 - Describes the key elements of successful negotiations and negotiating techniques. Explains how to recognize nonverbal signals, use negotiating tools, and apply conflict resolution strategies. Identifies symptoms and barriers to solving project-related problems and applying problem-solving technique.Cost: $150.00 per Student

Module Title: *Construction Documents
Recommended Hours: 10 - Emphasizes the importance of documentation and explains the types of documents, drawings, and specifications used on a project. Explains methods of obtaining work in the industry and types of contracts and insurance requirements. Describes the change order process and the documents required to close out a project. Cost: $100.00 per Student

Module Title: *Resource Control
Recommended Hours: 10 - Identifies resources that must be controlled, factors that affect production control, and production control standards. Explains the project manager’s role in the process. Defines production and productivity, and describes how to evaluate and improve production control and
Cost: $100.00 per Student

Total Hours: 35