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OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program

Created in 1998, OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program is an extended, voluntary, cooperative relationship between OSHA and groups of employers, employees, employee representatives and other interested stakeholders. Partnerships are designed to encourage, assist and recognize efforts to eliminate serious hazards, create effective safety and health management systems, measure results and achieve a high degree of worker safety and health. Partnerships are flexible in design so that employers’ unique operational and workplace needs can be considered. Employers involved in Partnerships may reduce illness and injury rates, workers’ compensation rates, absenteeism and other costs. Employees benefit from safer workplaces, increased safety and health knowledge and skills, and improved morale.

See the OSHA Partnership Fact Sheet For More Information.


How Partnerships Work


Working together, OSHA, employers, employees and other stakeholders identify workplace safety and health issues and develop strategies, goals and performance measures to address these issues. Partnerships are established through a written, signed agreement which usually lasts three to five years. The agreement may be national, regional, or local in scope.


The ABC -South Texas Chapter is currently a participating OSHA Partner.  Chapter members may become part of the strategic alliance by contact the chapter office at 210-342-1994 or email us for more information.