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MEMCO 10876 Hillpoint, San Antonio, TX 78217 (map)
Commercial and Multi Family Residential

February 21, 23 28 & March 2

Four Session Broad Based Course
Printreading for Residential and Commercial Construction presents information applicable to the carpentry, electrical, mechanical, and general building trades, and provides authentic printreading experiences using contemporary prints. Single and multifamily dwellings, plus mixed-use and light commercial project plans are covered in the textbook. Specifications describing the building components and construction procedures are also included for two of the projects.
This edition includes information on quantity takeoff  providing an introduction to the principles and techniques of printreading for quantity takeoff and can be used as a basis for a construction estimate.

Content Included:
Construction Materials
Light Frame Construction
Brick-Veneer Residence
—PlansBrick-Veneer Residence
—SpecificationsMultifamily Dwelling
Wendy's® Restaurant
—PlansWendy's® Restaurant
—SpecificationsVeterinary Center
—Site, Building, and StructureVeterinary Center
—Electrical, Mechanical
Quantity Takeoff
Final Exam