South Texas

LOGIC handbook 2022

Logic Handbook

Mission Statement
Associated Builders and Contractors of South Texas Women’s Peer group represents the interests of women within the construction industry, assists with increasing the quality and availability of career related resources, and promotes a positive image of women in the industry.


Assist women who are presently in the industry through education, community service and networking programs and provide a channel for women to enter the industry workforce.


Four Pillars
This peer group is based around 4 Pillars

  1. Build up individual women by providing opportunities to learn & advance skill sets.
  2. Build each other up by encouraging other women to take risks and reach individual goals.
  3. Build up each woman’s company by supporting one another’s businesses.
  4. Build communities by supporting the efforts of the construction industry.



  • Networking Events
  • Leadership Panels
  • Speaking Opportunities / Career Fairs/ College Outreach
  • Charitable Events / Community Service Projects



  • Provide an environment where women can seek encouragement, learn about career opportunities and resource information; all in regard to best practices within the industry.
  • Share best practices within the industry
  • Pay-it-forward through charitable outreach
  • Focus on recruitment, involvement and promotion of ABC and LOGIC