Contractors Apprenticeship Trust Mission

The Contractors Apprenticeship Trust (CAT) is a 501C(3) non-profit education entity managed by Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. – South Texas Chapter to better facilitate interaction within the industry. The CAT was initially created to provide a variety of education programs for individuals currently employed in the construction industry, attract unskilled individuals from the high school level, military and the general through educational programs such as apprenticeship, continuing education, management, specialized task training, safety, and  other activities designed to improve at all levels their skill sets to ensure they become productive and safe employees within the construction industry. Outreach efforts include counselor tours, career fairs and industry speakers to promote the needs of the industry and the importance of construction in our modern society. 

The Contractors Apprenticeship Trust is sustained primarily by tuition and attendee fees. However, donations and sponsorships are available to help with the costs associated with graduation ceremonies, materials, equipment, instructor fees, training and code books, scholarships and the Local Craft Competition which qualifies apprentices for the ABC National Craft Championship. You have heard of “paying it forward” and when you help the CAT you are becoming a droplet that turns into a mighty river creating a pathway to success as it winds its way from the individual to their families, your company and ultimately the construction industry.

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring CAT activities please contact Bob Jett at [email protected].